Our Fabrics

Using natural and sustainable fabrics, our clothes are made to keep doing what they were designed to do for as long as possible, because we know that the best thing we can do for the environment is make our stuff last longer.

That means using the highest quality fabrics and working with the best factories we can find. So our t-shirts, jeans and sweats are made from organic cotton which is Better Cotton Initiative and Oeko Tex certified, our sport base layers are made from the highest quality Merino wool and our underwear is made using plant-based Modal fibres.

merino wool
Designed By Nature

Merino wool is the perfect example of brilliant design by nature.

Merino sheep live on mountains where the climate fluctuates from icy cold during the winter to searingly hot in summer.

Because of these extremes in climate, they have evolved a remarkable wool, capable of regulating their body temperature in all seasons.

organic cotton
Common Sense Cotton

We all think that cotton is one of the most natural things around. The truth is cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops grown by man, with a myriad of insecticides used during the growing process.

That’s why we use organic cotton, grown without any of the nasty stuff, so you needn’t worry about anything bad rubbing off on you.

Now isn’t that comforting?

organic denim
Plenty Tough

When we make a pair of jeans we make them tough, because we know that a higher quality product will keep going for longer before you finally need to replace it. That means using the best denims we can find, making pocket bags that won’t fall to bits and using the meanest twine to stitch them all together.

So over their lifespan your jeans will have consumed fewer valuable resources than an inferior product would. That sounds like common sense us.

Unbeatable Undies

Check out our range of Modal underwear for men and women.

Modal is an amazing natural material made from Beech tree pulp. The fibres are ultra smooth and softer than cotton and have natural antibacterial qualities. But unlike cotton Modal will remain soft wash after wash and won’t lose colour.

We think it makes for perfect pants.

selvedge denim
Jeans Made the Slow Way

Selvedge Denim is a traditional style of denim woven on vintage shuttle looms. Those rare old looms sedately rattle out just three metres of fabric per hour (that’s around 10 times slower than most modern mass-production machines).

The clunky, slow and steady rhythm produces far less stress on the yarn and a finished denim with a lot more character. They also give your jeans that trademark stripe on the outer edge seam and the unique, high contrast wear patterns we love.

Just Like Nature

All howies garments are guaranteed PFC-free. PFCs are found in DWR treatments. These fluorocarbons (PFOS or PFOA) are toxic sulfonic substances which don’t break down and eventually find their way into the ecosystem, poisoning plants and animals along the way.

Our DWR treatments are a biodegradeable and flourine-free and mimic the microscopic grooves found in bird feathers or shark skin. They channel water away from the garment and create an invisible water-repellent shield that makes water bead up and roll away like water off a duck’s back.