Wear it Out

howies is a small active clothing company based in a peaceful corner of Wales. We started back in 1995 making high quality, lower impact clothing for the outdoors, running and cycling, as well as the kind of functional everyday products that we wanted to wear.

howies is owned and run by its employees, so we don't answer to shareholders. This means our clothing is designed and manufactured by people who care.

Inspired by the beauty and tranquility of our surroundings and motivated by a need to keep it that way, our mission is to improve how clothing is manufactured by pushing for more sustainable practices in an industry renowned for damaging the environment.

Instead, we want to be a company that does things differently to others – one that does things honestly, responsibly and quietly.

We want to make a difference, even if it's just a small one.

Conscious Clothing

Functional and Sustainable

Our award-winning men’s and women’s clothing is ethically produced using organic, recycled or natural fabrics wherever possible. For instance; all our t-shirts, jeans and sweats are made from Oeko-Tex certified organic cotton and our sport base layers are made using the highest quality Merino wool you can find.

You can find out more about the fabrics we select here.

our history

Do Good Shit

1995 Founded howies.

2000 Designed our first Ventile cotton jacket.

2001 Introduced organic cotton and Merino wool.

2002 Used recycled wardrobes as point of sale in our shop.

2004 Made our first organic jeans.

2006 Introduced organic canvas and cord.

2007 Started using recycled polyester in our outerwear.

2010 Made our first organic Ventile jacket.

2011 howies becomes an independent company again.

2013 Developed HD Wool wadding (a unique low-bulk fill for jackets).

2014 Introduced jeans made from recycled plastic bottles.

2015 All our organic cotton dyes are now Oeko-Tex certified.

2016 First clothing company to become 100% Fluorocarbon-free.

2017 All cotton in our range is now GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard).

2018 Put on our first community sporting event: The Spud Run 10k.

2019 Eliminated all single use plastic from our packaging.

2020 Working on new Merino run and cycle range.

2021 Planning more community events: a new coastal trail run.

2022 Introduce new compostable packaging made from corn starch.