The Story Behind the Letters

The geeky amongst you may have noticed our custom typeface, designed by Phil Carter and the other good people at Carter Wong Design.

We challenged them to design a bespoke headline font for us. One with a unique hand, which would help us tell our story. A typeface that would give us a point of difference and a level of ownership greater than Helvetica could ever offer.

Aware that nothing good ever comes easy, Phil and his team invested over 162 work hours in designing and refining a typeface for us, cleverly made from the wood of a wind-fallen local chestnut tree and christened 'Castan' (Welsh for Chestnut).

Hand Made

Complete with woodgrain and cracks, Carter Wong have given us a distinctive hand-chiselled typeface, which captures beautifully our slightly wonky character and soul.

And by using nature itself to lovingly craft the letterforms, Phil has allowed our unpolished personality to show through in the grain.

It's an enduring classic that will stand the test of time. Just like that old chestnut tree.

Watch the video below to see behind the scenes and learn more about the process of turning the wind-fallen tree into a live font.