Naturally Brilliant

Our Merino wool socks have the perfect balance of performance and durability.

Hard wearing

The ingredients we use are 70% Merino wool, 28% polyamide for strength and durability, plus a bit of elastane so they stay snug on your feet. The Merino content is higher than most other brands use, so you'll benefit from even greater warmth and breathability. It means they're as comfortable on a hot day as they are when it's freezing cold. Meanwhile, the added polyamide reinforces the high wear areas like the heel and toe box to provide a comfier, longer lasting sock.

Moisture wicking

We use a high Merino content that gives our socks super powers. The Merino wool absorbs moisture, drawing it away from your skin so your feet stay dry all day, even during high activity. Cotton socks on the other hand (or other foot) act like a sponge, soaking up sweat and holding on to it, which feels pretty gross and uncomfortable – especially in Winter.

Odour resistant

Merino's powerful wicking qualities mean you can say goodbye to stinky socks. Sweating is totally natural, of course and vitally important to your body's cooling system. But nobody wants feet that smell like an onion.

By expelling moisture quickly, Merino wool stops the build up of odour. Its complex fibre structure means microscopic bacteria can't hold on or multiply into a funk factory that makes you embarrassed to take your shoes off.

So if you suffer from smelly socks and shoes, there's a simple fix... try Merino.