Cookies are the small pieces of data that websites send to your browser in order to make web browsing easier and quicker for you. Cookies are also how Americans refer to biscuits. And what they call 'biscuits', we refer to as 'scones'. Very confusing...

At howies we have always used cookies to make our site work as efficiently as possible for our customers. We also use them to get an idea of how many visits our site is attracting - which, for an online business, is valuable information we use to make improvements to the inner workings of our site.

It's always good to understand who knows what about you and what they are doing with this information. All websites should be open about how they use cookies, so this page explains which cookies howies use, what we do with them and why.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small pieces of data that websites store in your browser in order to remember your personal settings – eg: stuff like whether you are logged in, or which items you just added to your shopping basket. They're mostly used to speed up your browsing experience. Without them, you would probably get really bored of filling in the same information repeatedly or waiting for a page to reload.

Websites can also use cookies to report on traffic and visitor actions. For instance, where users came to their site from, how many times they've visited, what pages they looked at and how long they spent browsing. Again, helpful for us in terms of the usability of our website and our navigation design etc.

Cookies are anonymous. They use a randomly generated number to identify themselves and contain no information that could personally identify you.


Which cookies do howies use?

This is a list of the kinds of cookies that may be stored on your browser when visiting our website:


Essential site functions

These cookies store all the information about your current visit and contain things like the contents of your shopping cart and wishlist so that the site doesn't keep forgetting things you've selected.

Account functions

These cookies are set when you log in so that we can remember who you are and show you your account and order history.

Monitoring and improving 

These are anonymous cookies set by our analytics software in order for us to be able to track how many people are visiting the site and give us useful information we can use to keep making the site work better for our visitors. 

Other Third Party cookies

As well as our own cookies, some third-party software applications we use to help run our online activity may place cookies in your browser. 

How to manage your cookie choices 

We strongly believe in giving people control of when and how their information is used online. Here are some links and resources that we use ourselves to manage our tracking and privacy preferences. 

Remember that if you block all cookies, our site may not work properly for you. 

If you use Safari:

If you use Chrome:

If you use Microsoft Edge:

More about cookies

If you're interested to find out more about what cookies are and how to take control of your privacy,  

We hope that explains things clearly. For more information about cookies and how you can control the way they're used on your browser, have a look at the Wikipedia article on cookies or read this Internet Cookies guide. 

I don't know about you, but I'm off to check if there any biscuits in the kitchen.