On our own two feet

As of January 1st 2012, howies got small again.

When we were sold to Timberland in 2006 we we became a tiny part of a $2 billion company and that was not easy.

When VF bought Timberland last September we became a miniscule part of a $10 Billion corporation.

So while everybody was crunching the big numbers, the howies management team quietly bought the business back.

We thank VF for giving us the opportunity to be small again.

It could be big.


Note, 2019. This blog post has been republished to our new site due to being so important to our story. Sadly much of the rest of the old blog archive is no longer available... but fingers crossed we can build a library of great new posts over the years to come. 

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I remember seeing the original post and wondering at the time how it would go.

I am still a loyal customer and have enjoyed watching you develop, for the better I might add. It is almost 8 years since “going small”. How has it been? What has worked? What hasn’t? What have you learned along the way? Good luck for the next 8 years (and many more, I hope).

JT December 28, 2019

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