A doodle a day keeps the doctor away, that’s what I reckon. Alright, you can eat an apple as well while sketching, but my point is simple; drawing will bring you joy and help brighten your day.

Drawing fulfils a basic need for me. I have to draw, doodle or sketch something daily. I have to. Pens, pencils and paper speak my name, “C’mon pick me up and use your imagination sonny boy” they whisper to me.

We shouldn’t be afraid to draw, anywhere, any place, any time. Sketch in the pub or in the park wile listening to the birds, you could draw on the train everyday while travelling to work. If you love bikes, why not take a small sketchbook along on a ride.

I personally love to draw by the sea. I don’t sketch the ocean or the boats, or the people walking by, I simply love the way the ocean makes me feel and that itself inspires and fuels my imagination and creativity.

If people spent less time with their mobile phones in their hands and replaced it with a pen or a pencil and a sketchbook, I think the world would be a better place.



Craigio Hopson is a Manchester-born illustrator and designer. He is now based in the slightly sunnier tropics of Thailand, where he creates art for newspapers, magazines, and more. He also designs some cracking howies t-shirts and still paints in his pants.