And no, we don't just mean counting them until you drift off.

Everyone knows that sleep is important, but the studies seem to suggest that many of us aren’t getting enough of it and the sleep we do get tends not to be as good as it should be. This is where sheep might come in. 

We realised that people usually think of our Merino base layers as being high performance garments for active outdoor exploits. Stuff like running up hills, riding bikes through forests, hiking over mountains, swimming in lakes... and, well, we don’t like to brag but they are perfect for all those things… but as it turns Merino wool may also the best thing you can wear for some much less active pursuits. 

Wearing wool clothing in bed could make it easier to drift off as soon as your head touches the pillow and also help you get a higher quality of sleep all night long until you wake up in the morning. 

Here are just some of the reasons our Merino wool layers make great pyjamas: 

  1. Wool is a fantastic temperature regulator, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Less call for flipping the pillow to the cold side or hanging a leg out of the covers means less interruptions to your night.

  2. As anyone who’s worn our base layers for sport knows, Merino is fantastic at wicking sweat and moisture away from your skin and helping to keep you dry. This is just as important for good sleep, which can be really hard to get if you feel clammy or stifled. 

  3. The superfine Merino fabric which we use in our base layers is almost entirely itch free. Even people who usually don’t like wearing wool agree that it’s soft and comfortable against their skin. Perfect for nightwear. 

  4. Wool is naturally antibacterial and wearing it to bed could help discourage dust mites and other undesirable bedfellows such as fungal spores (this is thanks to its wicking and drying nature as well as the antibacterial qualities).

  5. Wool is a natural, renewable fabric and all our base layers are GOTS certified and made using non-mulesed Merino meaning no harmful dyes or chemicals were used in their production and they are totally safe to wear against your skin. Less to worry about means easier sleep. 

So why not give wearing wool to bed a go? You might find it’s just as good at helping you sleep as it is at helping you out on the trails. 

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