Men's Organic T-shirt

Men's regular fit tee made from 100% organic cotton. Left blank to go with almost anything.

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Colour: Pesto Green

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Printed T-shirts were the first product howies ever produced way back in 1995. We've been tweaking and perfecting them ever since and we think the ones you can buy today are the best ever. Made from 100% organic cotton with every seam and detail fine-tuned to perfection.


  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Made in Portugal

Common Sense Cotton

We all think that cotton is one of the most natural things around; all cosy and safe and familiar. The truth is it simply isn’t as ‘natural’ as we’d all like to think.

Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops grown by man, with a myriad of insecticides used during the growing process. And you can bet the shirt on your back that those nasty insecticides stay on that cotton the whole time you wear it too. Common sense says that can’t be doing you any good.

That’s why we use organic cotton, grown without any of the nasty stuff, so you needn’t worry about anything bad rubbing off on you.

Now isn’t that comforting?

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